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Galileo® in geriatrics

"Use it or lose it". This statement is true for all ages when it comes to the preservation of physical performance adn the corresponding positive effects on health. With increasing age, especially, muscle weakness and loss of balance and coordination becomes apparent and may cause falls. To prevent this dramatic event, or to keep its impact as low as possible, Galileo has been used successfully for years in geriatrics.

Posibel fields of application don't only include the classic treatment or prevention of Osteoporosis but also diseases caused by loss of muscle mass and especially muscle function like Frailty, Sarcopenia nad Dynapenia.

Why Galileo®?

Efficient therapy against loss of muscle function.

Loss of balance, strength and power are age-associated side effects which can be counteracted with Galileo training, making Galileo an effective means of therapy for fall-prevention. The vicious circle of pain caused by immobilisation and, consequently, increased pain generation can also be interrupted with Galileo Therapy.

High compliance.

Due to its high efficiency Galileo Therapyonly needs a small amount of training time. Many studies show positive effects with 2 times 10 minutes Galileo Therapy per week only. This efficiency is one of the reasons for the very high compliance. In addition Galileo Therapy has been shown to be very save and has been well researched and documented in numerous studies in the field of Geriatrics over the last 20 years.

Product overview and background information

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