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Galileo® Therapy for injury prevention

Galileo Therapy can be used for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. The preventive measures offer effective protection against diseases such as osteoporosis and lower back pain.

Why Galileo®?

Prevention instead of therapy. Prevention is better than aftercare.

The avoidance of chronic back pain, relaxation of muscle cramping and effective fall-prevention are goals of preventive Galileo Therapy.

Fully-functioning and coordinated back muscles can prevent the occurrence of stress pain, especially in the lower back muscles. Depending on the adjusted stimulation frequency the back muscles can be relaxed or strengthened during Galileo Application. 

Osteoporosis is characterised by the loss of bone mass and bone strength and thus causes an increased fracture risk. Fracture prevention in the form of successful fall-prevention is therefore the key objective in the prevention of osteoporosis uisng Galileo. Improvement of muscle strength and power can enables the muscles to be coordinated and to react faster thus providing effective protection to prevent falls in daily life. In addition Galileo can improve balance. 

Occupational injury prevention.

Galileo Therapy can also be used at the workplace for injury prevention. Both employees in a sedentary role as well as employees in a more functional role may often have to complete hours of work in a monotone position. Galileo Therapy can effectively contributes to the reduction of physical impairments. Frequent back pain or tension can be prevented by 5-minute Galileo sessions at the workplace. 

Product overview and background information

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