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Galileo® in wellness and beauty


Galileo Training can improve blood circulation, activate the metabolism. It can strengthen or relax muscles depending on the used training frequencies. Flexibility, stretching range of motion and posture can be improved.

Galileo Training can offer a superb combination of wellness, fitness and health and is very time-efficient at the same time.

Why Galileo®?

Galileo® for regeneration.

Galileo can stimulate the metabolism and blood flow within a short time, resulting in a better supply of nutrients to tissues and muscles. Anabolic and repair processes in the muscles can therefore be accelerated. By applying low frequencies, muscles can be loosened, relaxed and refreshed. Galileo Training is suited well to be combined with conventional regeneration techniques such as getting a massage, using a sauna or going to the spa.

Relaxation and strengthening.

Due to the side alternating movement of the Galileo training platform, the induced reflex contractions in the muscle can be felt all the way up the back. Depending on the used training frequencies muscles of the back can be relaxed or even strengthened. Furthermore, flexibility, elasticity and body posture can be improved by the training. Even after intense training, most users feel lighter on their feet, feel refreshed and full of energy - very good prerequisites for an all round great-feeling body.

Fast improvements – short training times.

Galileo Training offers a holistic and time-efficient method of functional training. As few as two training sessions per week can be sufficient to achieve positive effects on your muscles and, in the long term, on your bones too.

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