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J Strength Cond Res, 2018; 32(1): 27-36, PMID: 27893474

Hypertrophy and Explosive-Reactive Functioning in Sedentary Men following 10-weeks of Whole-Body Vibration.

Year: 2018

Ebing J, Gast U, Hauptmann C, Felsenberg D, Belavy DL
1 University of Applied Sciences of Sport & Management Potsdam, Am Luftschiffhafen 1, 14471 Potsdam, Germany. 2 Centre of Muscle and Bone Research, Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Hindenburgdamm 30, 12203 Berlin, Germany. 3 Institute for Sport Scienc


The objective of this study was to determine the impact of vertical (Power-plate; POW) and side-alternating (Galileo; GAL) whole-body vibration exercise on muscle mass and lower-limb neuromuscular function. Forty-three sedentary male subjects (18-30yr) randomized into three groups underwent two upper-body exercise sessions per week for 10 weeks. Two groups of subjects underwent additional squat exercises on the GAL (N=15) or POW (N=14) devices. The third group was control. On magnetic resonance imaging, volume of the thigh muscles was measured. Countermovement jump, multiple one-leg hopping, drop-jump, landing-test, 15m sprint and grip strength were performed. Measurements were performed at baseline, 5wks and 10wks. Significantly greater increases in vasti volume were seen in the GAL (+4.15%; p=0.00076 vs. control) and POW (+4.81%; p=0.0074 vs. control) groups than in the control group (-1.22%) at 10wks. Adductor magnus volume increased in GAL (+2.24%; p=0.00038 vs. baseline) and POW (+2.33%; p=0.00038 vs. baseline) at 10wks, but this was not significantly different to control (-0.67%; p=0.54 vs. baseline). Hamstring volume decreased in GAL (-1.85%; p=0.00038 vs. baseline) at 5wks with the reduction in the POW group at 5wks (-1.73%; p=0.17 vs. baseline) not reaching significance. There were no significant differences between the POW and GAL groups (p>/=0.084) and no significant changes in neuromuscular performance. Twice weekly squat with vibration exercise progressing from 3min to 5min time-under-tension lead to thigh muscle hypertrophy but no improvements in explosive-reactive function.

Keywords: Galileo vs. Power Plate, 15m Sprint, mscuel power, Jump Height
GID: 4294; Last update: 29.11.2016