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J Frailty Sarcopenia Falls, 2019; 4(4): 116-121, PMID: 32300726

Evaluation of physical performance in musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases with jumping mechanography.

Year: 2019

Dionyssiotis Y, Skarantavos G, Kantaidou I, Papadatou MC, Papagelopoulos P, Angoules A, Papathanasiou J, Lyritis GP
1 Physical Medicine


Objective: Low muscle function is a component of sarcopenia. Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases are related to increased muscle loss and decreased muscle performance. Our purpose was to study muscle function among pre and postmenopausal women and women with rheumatic diseases. Methods: Two hundred fifty seven women were included in the study: Group POST OST included 61 osteoporotic postmenopausal women under treatment with osteoporotic drugs and calcium/vitamin D supplements (mean age 65+/-9.6 years), group POST HEALTH consisted of 117 healthy postmenopausal women (mean age 62.9+/-9.8 yrs), Group RHEUM included 20 women with rheumatic diseases (mean age 58.85+/-13yrs), and group PRE included 59 healthy premenopausal women (mean age 35+/-7.6 yrs). For the measurement of objective parameters of movement (Force, velocity, Power), we used the mechanography system in Leonardo platform (Novotec, Germany). Personal Power (Power/Weight) was also calculated. Results: Height was decreased with age, while body mass index (BMI) and weight were significantly increased. In groups POST OST, POST HEALTH, RHEUM, all measured parameters were statistically decreased in comparison with group PRE. No statistical significance was found among POST HEALTH and POST OST women. Conclusions: Jumping mechanography can be proposed as a novel tool to assess physical performance in musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases. It offers to the clinician additional information, while quantitatively assesses muscle function, for assessing sarcopenia.

Keywords: Sarcopenia, Jumping mechanography, Rheumatic diseases, Osteoporosis, Menopause
GID: 5133; Last update: 05.06.2020