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Jpn J Physiol., 2005; 55(5): 279-84, PMID: 16271160

Hormone and lipolytic responses to whole body vibration in young men

Year: 2005

Goto K, Takamatsu K
Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, Komaba, Tokyo, Japan.


This study examined the effects of whole-body vibration (WBV) on the hormone and lipolytic responses. Eight male subjects performed WBV and control (CON) trials on separate days. The WBV session consisted of 10 sets of vibration for a duration of 60 s with rest periods of 60 s between each set (frequency 26 Hz). The subjects maintained a static squat position with knees bent on the platform. In the CON trial, the WBV stimulation was not imposed. Blood samples were collected before both trials and during the recovery period. In the WBV trial, the concentrations of plasma epinephrine (Epi) and norepinephrine (NE) increased immediately after the session (P < 0.05). Serum free fatty acids (FFA) concentration increased significantly at the 150, 180, and 210 min points of the recovery period in the WBV trial (P < 0.01) with the interaction between trial and time (P < 0.01). Serum glycerol showed no significant change in either trial. These results suggest that the WBV session causes secretions of Epi and NE, and it subsequently increases FFA concentration during the recovery period. However, because the FFA response was inconsistent with that of glycerol, we were unable to clarify the effect of WBV exposure on lipolysis.

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