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Disabil Rehabil, 2022; 11(1): 1-10, PMID: 36367314

Effect of whole-body vibration training on the recovery of lower limb function in people with stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Year: 2022

Yang X, Xue X, Tu H, Li N
School of Sports Medicine and Health, Chengdu Sport University, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.


PURPOSE: The purpose of this meta-analysis was to systematically evaluate the effects of whole-body vibration training (WBVT) on the recovery of lower limb function in people with stroke. METHODS: The literature search was made in the electronic databases PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus and Embase electronic databases. Only randomized controlled trials were included. Data extraction, quality assessment and meta-analysis were performed. The search was conducted on September 01, 2022. The data analysis software was RevMan 5.3. RESULTS: A total of 13 RCTs were included, including 687 patients. The results showed that compared with the control group, the overall difference in balance function was statistically significant [MD = 4.23, 95% CI 2.21 approximately 6.26, p < 0.0001]. There was no significant difference in the evaluation indexes of lower limb motor function, including the TUG, 10MWT, 6MWT, and FMA - LE. The overall difference in lower limb muscle spasticity was statistically significant [MD = -0.53, 95% CI -0.81 approximately 0.26, p = 0.0001]. CONCLUSIONS: Compared with the control group, using WBVT treatment has a more obvious effect on the recovery of lower limb function and muscle spasticity, and there is no obvious advantage in motor function recovery.IMPLICATIONS FOR REHABILITATIONThis Systematic Review and meta-analysis of evidence suggest that whole-body vibration training is effective in the rehabilitation of lower limb function in patients with stroke.Whole body vibration training may be a better choice for improving balance and spasm in people with stroke.Currently it is not known which whole-body vibration training model with vibration intensity, stimulus type and duration is most effective and to design more targeted interventions.

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