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New LinkedIn Groups for Galileo Training, pQCT and Leonardo Mechanography


We just added two new LinkedIn discussion groups which are focussing on the application of our products Galileo, pQCT and Leonardo Mechanography as well as the underlying scientific background.

Galileo Training group


The Aim of this forum is to stimulate the discussion around all topics of application of Galileo Training and Therapy devices. It is intended to be in the spirit of the Galileo Training Bad Liebenzell meetings held every fall in Bad Liebenzell. Since this meeting currently if held in German by providing this group we hope to help our international customers to become part of a group sharing knowledge about Galileo application but also discussing the scientific aspects and its background.

Neuromuscular & Bone Interactions group


By providing this forum we hope to stimulate the discussion around the heritage of Harold Frosts Mechanostat theorem and all adjacent fields like neurology and others which are needed to extend the original focus of muscle & bone to an extended model. This group is intended to be in the spirit of the ISMNI Black Forest meetings held every spring in Bad Liebenzell. We think that especially in these days where the research focus on bone is shifting towards muscle this topic which is focussing on a systematic and functional approach is even more important than ever. New fields of research like Sarcopenia will run into the same limitations as former bone research if they are focussing on muscle mass only. Therefore aspects of Dynapenia and Frailty and especially functional parameters of muscle (as well as bone) must be incorporated. Therefore this forums intention is also to share and discuss experience with the application of STRATEC pQCT bone scanners and Novotec Leonardo Mechanography muscle assessment devices which offer a variety of functional parameters for muscle and bone.


We look forward to many interesting and challenging discussions in these two new LikedIn groups and invite everybody who is interested in joining them.

The Novotec Medical and Stratec Medizintechnik Team.

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