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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #1: Can Galileo Training reduce Muscle Soreness?


Galileo Research Facts No. 1: Can Galileo Training reduce Muscle Soreness? Just for this simple effect Galileo Training should be in every fitness center: Just 3 Minutes of Galileo Training (standing slightly bent on the device at 12 to 16Hz) after intense workouts and the muscle soreness if almost gone! Not only this study but also our own experience shows that this really works. This is probably also the reason why it is really hard to get saw muscles even if you do really intense Galileo Training at High frequencies (30-36Hz).

For this study a frequency of 12Hz was used - in our experience however this cool-down works even better at 18Hz. Studies show ( #GRFS21 ) that blood flow increases with higher frequencies – however you do not want to go to high since frequencies above 20Hz start to be exhaustive again ( #GIS1 #GRFS3 ).

Another option is to use specifically use Galileo Training at high frequencies (25 to 36Hz) as a super-set after a standard work-out to really draw the last reserves of the muscle. For example by using Galileo Training after a leg-press set doing a static deep squat with as much extra load (typically 50-100% body weight) that the muscle is totally exhausted after a 30 to 60 seconds. You can take a rest period of 60 to 180 seconds and repeat this for 2 to 3 sets (if really needed). Another cool-down effect you can use is that stretching during the rest phase in beween sets improves the over-all training effect and Galileo Training at 16 to 21Hz is one of the most effective ways for stretching.

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