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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #2: Is Galileo Training more effective for muscle activation than vertical vibration?


One of the key concepts Hans Schießl, the inventor of Galileo side-alternating vibration, had in mind when inventing Galileo was to use movement pattern as close as possible to the physiological movement pattern of human walking. And the key to walking is the side-alternating loading of the legs – and exactly that’s the key concept of Galileo side-alternating vibration.

Literature shows that this concept has various advantages (e.g. #GIS1 #GRFS6 #GRFS18). For example that even when using identical parameters (frequency an amplitude which is the amount of up-and down movement of the platform, e.g. 30 Hz at position 2) the Galileo side-alternation can stimulate 60% higher muscle activation (measured with EMG) compared to vertical vibration like competitor products.

After 20 years of Galileo research it is clear: the original idea of Hans Schießl war dead right. Common - Galileo vs. Vertical Vibration


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