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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #8: Can Galileo Training activate muscles of the back?


The proof for what anybody can feel ho stands upright on a Galileo: The Muscles of the Back work in a patterns similar to human walking and due to the side-alternating tilt of the hip the back muscles are activated. That’s one of the reasons why Galileo Training can be very effective to relax the muscles of the lower back for example low and mid frequencies.

A great exercise for back relaxation is a variation of exercise B6: Frequency 16-18Hz, foot position 1-2, elbows on the hand rail and load weight of the upper body on them, straight legs to enable the transmission of the vibrations to the lower back, now slowly shift upper body forward and backward and feel the different positions in the back where you feel the vibration. Just find a position that feels good and stay there for one or two minutes, and feels the muscles relaxing.

You can combine the exercise with a hunchback or arched back position. Some people also prefer frequencies below 10 Hz for this exercise – in this case it feels more like a massage, but there is much more movement in the Hip which other people find unpleasant – just try and see which frequency feels better…

Common - Activation of Back Muscles  

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