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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #17: Can the increase in flexibility using Galileo Training last longer than standard stretching?


Galileo Training and flexibility - very efficient when used to increase flexibility. And as this study shows the effects last even longer than in traditional stretching. As in many other effects of Galileo Training the results can be seen within 2 to 3 minutes!

A simple exercise to start: Exercise 64 at position 2 and 16-21Hz (see Galileo Training Handbook, Galileo PT or Galileo App) - straight legs, upper body bent down as far as possible - hold this position for 2 minutes and keep pushing down. During the exercise you can shift the body weight forward onto the forefoot (now you can feel the vibration all along the back of your legs /Hamstrings) or shift it towards the heels (now you can feel the vibration reaching all the way upwards and to the muscles of the hip and the back can be stretched).

Another variation is to hold on to your knees and then press against your knees (to straighten them) - and then keep moving the hands downwards. Variation 3 (for less flexible people): Flex your knees, gab the middle of each foot or the toes and then try to straighten your legs.

The finger-floor distance can usually be decreased by 5 to 10 cm within 2 minutes. If straighten up again after the exercise feels hard on your back use the second part of exercise B2 (stretch backwards: hand sin the back, bend backward as far as possible, head all the way to the back - now try to shift the weight towards the heels - but be careful: this is quite a demanding balance exercise as well).

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