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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #47: Can Galileo Training be more effective for warming up than cycling ergometer?


Warming up is important especially for athletes – but many standard warming up protocols like the reported cycling ergometer protocol are ineffective for flexibility and even muscle functions (e.g. torque/force) especially when compared to Galileo Training.

This study compared the immediate effects of a warming up protocol on Galileo ( 45° static squat, 1 Minute increasing frequency from 5 to 36Hz, then 5 minutes at 26Hz) versus a standard ergometer protocol (1 minute 0 to 50W than 5 minutes at 50W) using the same duration.

While the ergometer protocol only improves the heart-rate Galileo Training could improve flexibility by 20% and knee torque by 8% to 10% - interestingly at a lower cardiovascular load. As shown in many studies (e.g. #GRFS18, #GRFS38, #GRFS60, #GRFS61, #GRFS129, #GRFS137), Galileo Training can be used very effectively and efficiently as a general warming up protocol. Sports &

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