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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #59: Are high frequencies for stretching more effective and the effects longer lasting than mid frequencies?


Early Galileo studies (#GRFS16, #GRFS17, #GRFS38) used high frequencies (>25Hz) for showing stretching effects. But experience shows that mid frequencies (15 to 18 Hz) are much more effective for stretching & flexibility. This study documented these differences.

It tested different frequencies (15, 20 and 30Hz at position 3) and different amplitudes (positions 2, 3, 4) at 25Hz. The flexibility before, immediately after 6 minutes of exercise and 15 Minutes after the exercise were measured.

The control group used the identical exercise without vibration and showed no relevant effects. The results show that mid frequencies (15 & 20Hz) are significantly more effective for stretching than high frequencies (30Hz) - in addition 15 minutes after the exercise the differences are even more prominent. The study also showed that to high amplitudes (>position 3) are less effective than mid amplitudes (position 2 and 3). Another interesting point is that the study didn't even use classic stretching exercises but mainly almost straight standing - the use of actual stretching exercises in combination with mid frequencies would have been even more efficient most likely.

One test everybody can try right away is this: Position 2 with straight legs and upper body bent all the way down as far as possible at 16 to 18Hz. (measure the distance between the finger-tips and the floor) Foot flat on the plate, body weight slightly shifted forward but not unloading the heels. Keep this position for 2 minutes and continuously try to push deeper and tilt the pelvis forward (think "hollow-back"). Within 2 minutes you typically gain between 5 and 15 cm distance between finger-tips and floor. 

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