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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #68: Can Galileo Training during 55 days bedrest improve long-term bone mass?


The 2nd Berlin Bedrest Study (#BBR2) was the second big space research study where Galileo Training was used as a counter measure against negative effects of simulated micro gravity on muscle and bone.

This time two control groups (no training and identical training but without vibration) were used. BBR2 was very successful again. Using the improved Galileo Space system the effective training time of 50 Minutes in BBR1 (#BBR1, #GRFS44, #GRFS45) could be reduced to 3 times 6 minute per week - and showing almost as good effects as BBR1! The example shows the improvements of bone mass at the hip with an improvement of up to 5.6% after half a year and still 3.7% after 2 years - a great example for the efficiency of Galileo Training.

Space Research - Bone Mass   

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