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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #77: Can 3 minutes Galileo Training decrease side differences in one-legged jumping?


As in #GRFS19 and #GRFS35 this study examined the effects of one-legged Galileo Training. This time the immediate effects on one-legged jumping height and side-differences were examined.

The study used three groups which perfumed deep static squats (90°) at 26Hz (position 3) for 3 minutes (until exhaustion). The control group performed the exercise without vibration, the two Galileo groups with symmetric and with one legged vibration. They stood either symmetrically bi-lateral on the device or one foot on the device and the other on a stand next to the device.

Symmetric Galileo Training mainly increased jumping height on the stronger leg and therefore die decrease side-differences only by 2%, the one-legged Galileo Training focused on the weaker leg and could reduce side-differences by 12%. Therefore, one-legged Galileo Training can be used as a warm-up exercise to minimize side-differences for the following exercises.

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