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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #81: Can Galileo Training improve blood flow and exhaust the muscles?


One of the fundamental effects of Galileo Training at high frequencies: With increasing frequency the muscle contraction also increases (#GRFS3). Above a certain contraction the Muscle blocks its own vessels. This situation is ideal to maximal exhaust the muscle in a minimum of time.

As a result the local NO concentration inside the muscle increases massively (here within 30 seconds). At the same time there is no real cardiovascular reaction (blood flow stays constant). But when the muscle relaxes after the training the blood flow increases significantly (#GRFS24) because the high local NO concentration relaxed the vessel surrounding muscles and therefore increased the vessel cross-section and blood flow which then decreased the NO concentration.

As a result not only muscle power (#GRFS35, #GRFS26, #GRFS19, #GRFS10) but also endurance (#GRFS12, #GRFS11) can be increased signifficantly. Most effective for this kind of training are high frequencies (>25Hz, #GRFS3) an depending on the physical abilities extra loads and deep squatting (#GRFS4) to maximal exhaust the muscle within 60 seconds.

This works for all age groups and fitness Levels.

Common - Blood Low, NO Concentration   

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