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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #84: Can Galileo Therapy improve trunk control in stroke patients?


As done in #GRFS67, #GRFS66 and #GRFS40 this study investigated the positive effects of Galileo Therapy for stroke patients. In this case the focus was on the improvements of trunk control (sitting balance).

Therefore, the control group as well as the Galileo group receive functional training 15 minutes functional training while sitting (hand and shoulder function). The Galileo group did identical therapy but with the feet on the vibration Galileo (15-22Hz, pos. 1-4, 4*3 minutes).

The mechano-stimulation of the Galileo group showed significantly higher improvements of trunk control of up to 52% in average. This is a quite remarkable result considering that the patients were sitting in front of the Galileo whit only the feet (passive) on the device. Probably the effects would have been even higher if they had been sitting on the Galileo (e.g. the Galileo on a stool or using the Galileo Chair). It is also interesting that only 4 weeks of 15 minutes Galileo therapy per day showed such a high improvement. 

Therapy - Stroke, Trunk Control   

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