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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #87: Can18 minutes Galileo Training per week reduce body fat?


The 2nd Berlin Bedrest Study (#GRFS69, #GRFS68) investigated the effects of Galileo Training on local body composition or body fat content.

During this study the participants had to stay in bed for 55 days. One control group did no training at all, the second resistance training. The Galileo group received identical resistance training + vibration for only 6 * 1 minute, 3 times per week.

While both control groups showed increases in local body fat content only the Galileo Group showed a reduction of up to 12%. It has to be note that all three groups did receive an (identical) strict diet – nevertheless only the Galileo Group showed the reduction in local body fat with only 18 minutes training per week – another proof for the efficiency and effectiveness of Galileo Training.

Space Research - Body Fat Reduction   

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