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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #100: Can squats in combination with Galileo Training be more effective?


Once more as shown in #GRFS3 and #GRFS4 this study shows that muscle activation (EMG signal) in squatting is more effective in combination with Galileo Training.

The study used 5 sets of 10 repetitions of deep squats with and without Galileo Training (22Hz, pos. 2). The EMG was measured in proportion to the maximum voluntary contraction (MVC).

In combination with Galileo Training the muscles could be activated by additional 20% MVC and the activation even increased from set to set while it decreased in the control group.

Another prove for the effectiveness of Galileo Training. According to #GRFS3 the differences would have been even higher if higher frequencies (e.g. 30Hz or more) would have been used. In addition the effects are most-likely under-estimated because #GRFS101 showed that the EMG analysis method used in this study ignored the most relevant EMG signal components. 

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