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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #108: Can Galileo Training improve jump height?


This study investigated the effects of Galileo Training on jumping height in young male and females (age 20-30). Over a period of a little more than 5 months a progressive intensive training was performed (26Hz, position 3, 3-5 minutes, deep squat, 10 repetitions per minute, 2 session per week, extra loads of up to 75% of body weight). The control groups received either no exercise (control) or progressive intensive conventional strength raining (conventional).

Even though the Galileo Group received only about 50% of the exercise time of the conventional group they showed about double the training effect of 17% increase in jump height.

One of the interesting points about the study is the type of training control used for this study: instead of defining fixed increases of intensity at certain points in time, the training goal was to exhaust the muscle within 3 to 5 minutes. Depending of the individual performance and improvement the training weights where adjusted on a session to session base (if the exercise did not lead to exhaustion within 3 minutes the weight was increased for the next session). This allowed for an individual adaptation of training intensity which helps to improve exercise effects. 

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