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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #125: Can Galileo Training help to create maximum voluntary muscle activation in untrained?


This study reported the immediate effects of 1 minute of Galileo Training at 26Hz on the maximum voluntary activation of the muscles of the ankle.

Two groups where selected: The control group was able to immediately perform a maximum voluntary contraction (trained), the other (untrained) was not. The maximum voluntary contraction was measured by EMG on an isokinetic machine with and without maximum electrostimulation.

While 1 minute of Training did not show any changes in the control group, the Galileo Training group showed improvements in maximum voluntary contraction of up to 42% - the highest changes were observed in the early phase of activation and therefore in the Rate of Torque Development (RTD) which is very relevant in training sciences. This shows once more (#GRFS137, #GRFS129, #GRFS 61, #GRFS60, #GRFS47, #GRFS38) the extremely high potential of Galileo as a warm-up tool - and that warm-up with Galileo is very efficient also in untrained individuals. 

Common - Warm-Up, Muscle Activation   

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Topics: Muscle-Bone Relation, Training & Study Support, Training with Galileo®