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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #140: Can Galileo Therapy increase muscle force and decrease fall-risk in young obese?


This study compared the effects of Galileo Therapy on muscle force and fall-risk in young obese (age 23 to 33).

Both groups receive a short training session (only 5 sets of 60 seconds at 26Hz, 20° static squat at position 2) 3 times per week over a period of 6 weeks. The control group performed identical exercises but without side-alternating Galileo vibration.

Fall-risk was assessed by a special treadmill which can stop immediately to provoke falls.

The Galileo group showed significant improvements in muscle force (muscle torque) by +6% and a significant reduction of fall-risk and fall rate by -68%.

These results show once more that Galileo Therapy can be used very effectively to increase the compromised muscle function and power in obese in a short time and reduce fall risk at the same time.

Therapy - Obesety, Fall-Risk   

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Topics: Muscle-Bone Relation, Concept Diagnostics & Therapy, Training & Study Support, Therapy & Prevention with Galileo®