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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #151: Can Galileo Training make squats more efficient and more effective?


This study documented the short-term effect of Galileo Training on muscle activation and exhaustion. Slow dynamic squats with and without Galileo Mechanostimulation (26Hz, position 6) using 40% body weight as extra load (in both cases) until individual exhaustion (Borg-scale >18). The study investigated muscel activation (EMG), stretch reflex amplitudes as well as blood parameters like lactate concentration. The results showed higher training effects like exhaustion (lactate increase 205% instead of 160%), EMG frequency (+15% instead of -19%) and stretch reflex torque (+43% instead of -49%) in significantly shorter time (349s instead of 515s). The results demonstrate that the combination of traditional exercises with Galileo can make them much more efficient and effective at the same time. Sport & Fitness - Muscle Activation, Exhaustion   

Product groups: Galileo used devices, Galileo® Training Devices
Topics: Muscle-Bone Relation, Training & Study Support, Training with Galileo®