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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #153: Can Galileo Therapy help COVID-19 patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU)?


The WAVex (World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts) Panel recommends the use of Galileo Therapy for COVID-19 patient during therapy in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Background for this recommendation are the results of 36 international studies with positives outcomes for comparable symptoms – more than half of them using Galileo devices, including the import ones concerning the use in ICU, in lung dysfunction like COPD (#GRFS144, #GRFS124, #GRFS107, #GRFS34, #GRFS32), in non-ambulatory patients like in CP (#GRFS72), Parkinson (#GRFS88) and allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.

The WAVex Panel points out the proven positive effects of Vibration Therapy on the immune system (#GRFS106, #GRFS92), blood flow (#GRFS134, #GRFS81), reduction of Fatigue, Risk of Dyspnea and inflammatory processes (#GRFS106) as well as the positive effects on quality of life (QoL) (#GRFS136, #GRFS42, #GRFS32) and mental condition – for all these effects Galileo studies where cited. As a result, Galileo Therapy was recommended for the reduction of decline of lung function and muscle function at the beginning of the disease, for preservation of these functions in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and to reduce the timespan in ICU but also for physical rehab after the disease itself.

Therapy: COVID-19 Therapy & Physical Rehab, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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