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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #160: Does Galileo Training induce larger forces than in walking?


This study documented the ground reaction forces (the forces between the feet and the Galileo Platform) during Galileo Training at different frequencies (10-30Hz) and different amplitudes (foot position 1-3). While earlier studies (#GRFS7, #GRFS6) investigated joint forces in patients with artificial knee joints, hip joints and vertebra with built-in force sensors, this study measured ground reaction forces and estimated joint forces using mathematic models. Nevertheless, the results were in line with those of previous studies with ground reaction forces per leg not exceeding body weight even at high frequencies and high amplitudes. It also proves once more how safe Galileo Training is especially for joints because even during intense Galileo Training joint forces are in the order of natural walking – further more, these values can be decreased by another 45% when reducing amplitude (foot position) and/or frequency (to 0,55 times body weight per leg). This shows how scalable Galileo Training is.

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