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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #96: Is muscle activity during Galileo Training related to different postures?

This study investigates the immediate effects of Galileo Training using different postures (hip tilted anterior/neutral/posterior) on the activation (EMG)… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #95: Does muscular activation with Galileo Training increase with increasing frequency?

This study investigated the immediate effects of Galileo Training with different frequencies (no vibration, 10Hz and 20Hz) on the muscle activation of… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #59: Are high frequencies for stretching more effective and the effects longer lasting than mid frequencies?

Early Galileo studies (#GRFS16, #GRFS17, #GRFS38) used high frequencies (>25Hz) for showing stretching effects. But experience shows that mid frequencies… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #17: Can the increase in flexibility using Galileo Training last longer than standard stretching?

Galileo Training and flexibility - very efficient when used to increase flexibility. And as this study shows the effects last even longer than in traditional… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #2: Is Galileo Training more effective for muscle activation than vertical vibration?

One of the key concepts Hans Schießl, the inventor of Galileo side-alternating vibration, had in mind when inventing Galileo was to use movement pattern… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #141: Can Galileo Training be more effective and more efficient than traditional stretching?

This study investigated the short-term effects of Galileo Training compared to traditional stretching exercises. The study used stretching exercises for… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #16: Can Galileo Training even at high frequencies improve flexibility?

Traditionally the mid frequencies (between 16 and 21 Hz) are most effective for stretching exercises in Galileo Training (#GIS1). However - this study shows… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #81: Can Galileo Training improve blood flow and exhaust the muscles?

One of the fundamental effects of Galileo Training at high frequencies: With increasing frequency the muscle contraction also increases (#GRFS3). Above… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #8: Can Galileo Training activate muscles of the back?

The proof for what anybody can feel ho stands upright on a Galileo: The Muscles of the Back work in a patterns similar to human walking and due to the side-alternating… more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #78: Do higher frequencies and knee angles increase pelvic floor activation?

Common - Pelvic Floor, Frequency & Knee Angle    #GRFS78 #GRFS … more


Galileo Research Fact Sheet #20: Can Galileo Training increase blood flow?

Common - Blood Flow   #GRFS20 #GRFS … more

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