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XCT 2000L Research+EXCLUSIVE

XCT 2000L Research+
Peripheral quantitative computed tomograph (pQCT)for the measurement at radius or tibia with variable collimation. Evaluation of volumetric bone density, bone geometry and muscle parameter at the forarm or lower leg using pQCT.
(Picture: XCT 2000L Research+ with radius holder.)

Manufacturer: Stratec Medizintechnik GmbH

Certified according to: CE0123

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Technical data

Dimensions (l/w/h)1280 x 550 x 620 mm
Weight45 kg
Numbers of detectors12
CT Collimator0.4x4–0.4x1
Angle between detectors
Number of projections per block180
Number of blocks1
Spot size50 µ
Filter250 µ Cu
Source collimation0.4 x 0.7
Slice thickness0.5–2.0 mm
Measurement diameter 140 mm
Voxel size0.1–1.0 mm
HV56–60 kV
Nom. HV58 kV
Nom. current130–500 µA
Gantry opening140 mm
Max. way of travel400 mm
Scan time90 s
Radiation dose CT< 0.002 mSV
Radiation dose CV< 0.002 mSV
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