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Literature for the application area muscle and bone

Our literature database currently includes 2100 entries.
Areas of applications of this collection are:

  • Vibration training especially with the side-alternating technique of the Galileo Training devices and Galileo Therapy devices
  • Motion analysis with Leonardo Mechanograph
  • Muscle bone relationship
  • pQCT bone & muscle densitometry & geometry

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New entries

Research Studies (2023)

Jump Power Predicts Fracture Risk in Older Adults Independent of Sarcopenia and FRAX.

Low countermovement jump power is associated with prevalent fracture, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia in older adults. However, whether jump power predicts incident fracture risk remains uninvestigated. Data of weiter...

Author: Hong N, Burm SW, Kim HC, Kim CO, Rhee Y
Source: J Bone Miner Res, 2023; 38(7): 958-967, PMID: 37191218
GID: 6032; Last update: 30.06.2023

Research Studies (2023)

Effect of Whole-Body Vibration Exercise on Hamstrings-to-Quadriceps Ratio, Walking Performance, and Postural Control in Children With Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of whole-body vibration (WBV) exercises combined with traditional physiotherapy on the hamstrings-to-quadriceps (H:Q) ratio, walking ability, weiter...

Author: Hegazy RG, Abdel-Aziem AA
Source: J Manipulative Physiol Ther, 2023; 45(9): 660-670, PMID: 37318391
GID: 6010; Last update: 20.06.2023

Research Studies (2023)

Variation in the fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) gene associates with serum FGF23 and bone strength in infants.

Introduction: The effects of genetic variation in fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) are unclear. This study explores the associations of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of FGF23 with phosphate and vi weiter...

Author: Enlund-Cerullo M, Holmlund-Suila E, Valkama S, Hauta-Alus H, Rosendahl J, Andersson S, Pekkinen M, Makitie O
Source: Front Genet, 2023; 14(): 1192368, PMID: 37284066
GID: 6009; Last update: 12.06.2023

Research Studies (2023)

Associations between long-term exercise participation and lower limb joint and whole-bone geometry in young and older adults.

Introduction: Features of lower limb bone geometry are associated with movement kinematics and clinical outcomes including fractures and osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is important to identify their determinan weiter...

Author: Scorcelletti M, Zange J, Bocker J, Sies W, Lau P, Mittag U, Reeves ND, Ireland A, Rittweger J
Source: Front Physiol, 2023; 14(): 1150562, PMID: 37250122
GID: 6007; Last update: 06.06.2023

Research Studies (2023)

Effects of Sensorimotor Training on Transversus Abdominis Activation in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients.

(1) Background: The aim of this study was to investigate and compare the effect of sensorimotor training on transversus abdominis activation. (2) Methods: Seventy-five patients with chronic low back pain were weiter...

Author: Marchand F, Laudner K, Delank KS, Schwesig R, Steinmetz A
Source: J Pers Med, 2023; 13(5): , PMID: 37240987
GID: 6001; Last update: 30.05.2023

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