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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2000; 97(10): 5474-9, PMID: 10805804

Estrogen receptor specificity in the regulation of skeletal growth and maturation in male mice

Year: 2000

Vidal O, Lindberg MK, Hollberg K, Baylink DJ, Andersson G, Lubahn DB, Mohan S, Gustafsson JA, Ohlsson C
Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, S-41345 Göteborg, Sweden.


Androgens may regulate the male skeleton directly through a stimulation of androgen receptors or indirectly through aromatization of androgens into estrogen and, thereafter, through stimulation of estrogen receptors (ERs). The relative importance of ER subtypes in the regulation of the male skeleton was studied in ERalpha-knockout (ERKO), ERbeta-knockout (BERKO), and double ERalpha/beta-knockout (DERKO) mice. ERKO and DERKO, but not BERKO, demonstrated decreased longitudinal as well as radial skeletal growth associated with decreased serum levels of insulin-like growth factor I. Therefore, ERalpha, but not ERbeta, mediates important effects of estrogen in the skeleton of male mice during growth and maturation.

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