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New entries

Professional Articles (2014)

Effects of small-volume soccer and vibration training on body composition, aerobic fitness, and muscular PCr kinetics for inactive women aged 20–45

Purpose The present study investigated the effects of 16 weeks of small-volume, small-sided soccer training soccer group (SG, n = 13) and oscillating whole-body vibration training vibration group (VG, n = 17) weiter...

Author: Connolly LJ, Scott S, Mohr M, Ermidis G, Julian R, Bangsbo J, Jackman SR, Bowtell JL, Davies RC, Hopkins SJ, Seymour R, Knapp KM, Krustrup P, Fulford J.
Source: Journal of Sport and Health Science, 2014; 3(4): 284-292
GID: 5038; Last update: 29.01.2020

Scientific Publications (2020)

Whole body vibration training during allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation-the effects on patients" physical capacity.

Patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (alloHCT) experience a considerable decline in physical and psycho-social capacity. Since whole body vibration (WBV) is known to efficiently sti weiter...

Author: Pahl A, Wehrle A, Kneis S, Gollhofer A, Bertz H
Source: Ann Hematol, 2020; (): , PMID: 31970448
GID: 5033; Last update: 28.01.2020

Research Studies (2020)

Self-reported Sleep Quality and Bone Outcomes in Older Adults: Findings from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study.

Sleep duration may be associated with risk of osteoporosis, with suggestions that too little or indeed too much sleep may be detrimental to bone health. In this study, we considered whether perceived sleep qual weiter...

Author: Bevilacqua G, Denison HJ, Laskou F, Jameson KA, Ward KA, Cooper C, Dennison EM
Source: Calcif Tissue Int, 2020; (): , PMID: 31955228
GID: 5027; Last update: 20.01.2020

Scientific Publications (2019)

Correlation Between Mechanography and Clinical Parameters at Six Months After Hip Fracture Surgery.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the correlation between mechanography and clinical parameters in older people at 3 and 6 months after hip fracture surgery. METHODS: A longitudinal follow-up study was conducted in uni weiter...

Author: Min TJ, Cho J, Ha YC, Lim JY, Kang SH, Kim DK, Seo KM, Beom J
Source: Ann Rehabil Med, 2019; 43(6): 642-649, PMID: 31918527
GID: 5029; Last update: 20.01.2020

Research Studies (2019)

Jumping Joints: The Complex Relationship Between Osteoarthritis and Jumping Mechanography.

We investigated the relationship between lower limb osteoarthritis (OA) and muscle strength and power (assessed by jumping mechanography) in UK community-dwelling older adults. We recruited 249 older adults (14 weiter...

Author: Shere C, Fuggle NR, Edward MH, Parsons CM, Jameson KA, Cooper C, Dennison EM, Ward KA
Source: Calcif Tissue Int, 2019; (): , PMID: 31655874
Keywords: Osteoarthritis
GID: 5031; Last update: 20.01.2020
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Research Studies (2019)

Normative-referenced percentile values for physical fitness among Canadians.

BACKGROUND: This study developed age- and sex-specific normative-referenced percentile values for five physical fitness tests across a wide age range of Canadians, using a nationally representative sample. DATA weiter...

Author: Hoffmann MD, Colley RC, Doyon CY, Wong SL, Tomkinson GR, Lang JJ
Source: Health Rep, 2019; 30(10): 14-22, PMID: 31617933
GID: 5032; Last update: 20.01.2020
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Scientific Publications (2019)

Genetic variation in GC and CYP2R1 affects 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration and skeletal parameters: A genome-wide association study in 24-month-old Finnish children.

Vitamin D is important for normal skeletal homeostasis, especially in growing children. There are no previous genome-wide association (GWA) studies exploring genetic factors that influence vitamin D metabolism weiter...

Author: Kampe A, Enlund-Cerullo M, Valkama S, Holmlund-Suila E, Rosendahl J, Hauta-Alus H, Pekkinen M, Andersson S, Makitie O
Source: PLoS Genet, 2019; 15(12): e1008530, PMID: 31841498
GID: 5020; Last update: 14.01.2020

Scientific Publications (0)

Differences in the Cortical Structure of the Whole Fibula and Tibia Between Long-Distance Runners and Untrained Controls. Toward a Wider Conception of the Biomechanical Regulation of Cortical Bone Structure.

The cortical structure of human fibula varies widely throughout the bone suggesting a more selective adaptation to different mechanical environments with respect to the adjacent tibia. To test this hypothesis, weiter...

Author: Luscher SH, Nocciolino LM, Pilot N, Pisani L, Ireland A, Rittweger J, Ferretti JL, Cointry GR, Capozza RF
Source: Front Endocrinol (Lausanne), 10(): 833, PMID: 31827461
GID: 5022; Last update: 14.01.2020

Research Studies (2019)

Complex assessment of bone mineral density, fracture risk, vitamin D status, and bone metabolism in Hungarian systemic sclerosis patients.

OBJECTIVE: We wished to determine bone alterations in systemic sclerosis (SSc) patients by conventional densitometry (DXA), peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT), and bone biomarkers. METHODS: We i weiter...

Author: Horvath A, Vegh E, Pusztai A, Petho Z, Hamar A, Czokolyova M, Bhattoa HP, Nagy G, Juhasz B, Hodosi K, Domjan A, Szekanecz Z, Szucs G, Szamosi S
Source: Arthritis Res Ther, 2019; 21(1): 274, PMID: 31823821
GID: 5023; Last update: 14.01.2020

Scientific Publications (2019)

Forearm bone density, cross-sectional size and muscle cross-sectional area in adolescents with diabetes mellitus type 1 assessed by peripheral quantitative computed tomography.

OBJECTIVES: The mechanical components of bone strength (size, shape and density) in adolescents with T1DM are not extensively studied. METHODS: The studied group comprises 39 adolescents, aged 11,9-18,0 yrs. weiter...

Author: Jaworski M, Wierzbicka E, Pludowski P, Szalecki M
Source: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2019; 19(4): 435-447, PMID: 31789294
GID: 5004; Last update: 09.12.2019

Scientific Publications (2019)

Bone health, muscle properties and stretch-shortening cycle function of young and elderly males.

The aim of this study was to examine bone, muscle, strength and stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) performance in young and elderly individuals with an ankle model to elucidate potential effects of ageing that hav weiter...

Author: Rice PE, Needle AR, Leicht ZS, Zwetsloot KA, McBride JM
Source: J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact, 2019; 19(4): 389-395, PMID: 31789290
GID: 5005; Last update: 09.12.2019

Research Studies (2019)

Differences in the Cortical Structure of the Whole Fibula and Tibia Between Long-Distance Runners and Untrained Controls. Toward a Wider Conception of the Biomechanical Regulation of Cortical Bone Structure

The cortical structure of human fibula varies widely throughout the bone suggesting a more selective adaptation to different mechanical environments with respect to the adjacent tibia. To test this hypothesis weiter...

Author: Sergio H. Lüscher , Laura M. Nocciolino Nicolás Pilot , Leonardo Pisani, Alex Ireland Jörn Rittweger , José L. Ferretti Gustavo R. Cointry and Ricardo F. Capozza
Source: Front. Endocrinol., 2019; 10:833:
Keywords: fibula, bone biomechanics, pQCT, running, bone mechanostat, exercise and bone
GID: 4998; Last update: 28.11.2019

Scientific Publications (2019)

Motor Function Improvement in Children with Ataxia Receiving Interval Rehabilitation, Including Vibration-Assisted Hometraining: A Retrospective Study.

BACKGROUND: Physiotherapy, including vibration-assisted therapy, has been proven to be effective for patients with ataxic cerebral palsy. Herewith, we studied the effect of a functional, goal-oriented interval weiter...

Author: Martakis K, Stark C, Alberg E, Bossier C, Semler O, Schonau E, Duran I
Source: Klin Padiatr, 2019; 231(6): 304-312, PMID: 31724139
GID: 4997; Last update: 20.11.2019

Scientific Publications (2020)

Muscle and bone parameters in underprivileged Indian children and adolescents with T1DM.

BACKGROUND: The incidence of Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is increasing and sarcopenia and osteoporosis have been reported to be associated with long standing diabetes. There is scarcity of data on bone heal weiter...

Author: Dongare-Bhor S, Lohiya N, Maheshwari A, Ekbote V, Chiplonkar S, Padidela R, Mughal Z, Khadilkar V, Khadilkar A
Source: Bone, 2020; 130: 115074, PMID: 31626994
GID: 4996; Last update: 19.11.2019

Scientific Publications (2019)

Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography: Review of Evidence and Recommendations for Image Acquisition, Analysis, and Reporting, Among Individuals With Neurological Impairment.

In 2015, the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) position statement regarding peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) did not recommend routine use of pQCT, in clinical settings un weiter...

Author: Cervinka T, Giangregorio L, Sievanen H, Cheung AM, Craven BC
Source: J Clin Densitom, 2019; 21(4): 563-582, PMID: 30196052
GID: 4985; Last update: 18.10.2019