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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #51: Can 3 weeks of Galileo Therapy improve joint sensitivity and gait in CP patients?


As shown by other studies (#GRFS130, #GRFS56, #GRFS30, #GRFS14 #GRFS13) this study once more shows how effective and save Galileo Therapy can be applied in Children with CP (Cerebral Palsy).

Interestingly, only 6 interventions of 3 times 3 minutes Galileo Therapy where used to achieve these results. In addition each session included 30 minutes of standard physio therapy (gait, stretching, spasticity reduction - this would have been a great application for Galileo Therapy as well #GRFS64, #GRFS40).

Nevertheless: the additional 9 minutes of Galileo Therapy had more than 3 times the effect of the additional standard therapy with effects on gait and joint position sense (JPS) of up to 54%. To achieve this the study used a very simple exercise: 20-24Hz, position 2, 30° bent knees.

The study shows one major advantage of Galileo Therapy: first neuro-muscular effects of the Galileo therapy can usually be seen within minutes - therefore, if the right exercise for the aimed therapy effect is used the aimed effect should become visible within minutes (apart from increase of muscle and bone mass (#GRFS72) or endurance which take a little longer). This helps to optimize therapy because after each exercise there should be an immediate positive effect. 

Kids Therapy - CP (Cerebral Palsey)  

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