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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #111: Does muscle activation during Galileo Training increase with amplitude?


This study investigated muscle activation (EMG) of different muscles of the leg at different amplitudes and different frequencies (5 to 30Hz, position 2.5 vs. position 5, slightly flexed legs).

It proved that higher amplitudes (pos. 5) can increase muscle activation by up to 2.75 times compared to low amplitudes (pos. 2.5). Therefore, the amplitude is an easy way to adjust the intensity of Galileo Training. (On all Galileo devices the position number is equivalent to the amplitude in mm - the amplitude is the displacement measured from the neutral position, the peak- to peak displacement is double the amplitude and on Galileo Devices up to 12mm).

Even more effective to activate the muscles is the used frequency (#GIS1, #GRFS3, #GRFS21, #GRFS95, #GRFS109) - Galileo offers with its extremely wide frequency range and its high displacement range ideal conditions to allow on optimal adaptation of training intensity! 

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Topics: Muscle-Bone Relation, Training & Study Support, Training with Galileo®