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Galileo Research Fact Sheet #117: Can posture variation during Galileo Training decrease vibration transmission to the head?


This Study investigated the influence of different postures during Galileo Training on the transmission of vibration to the upper body and the head.

The transmission of vibration to the fore-head was measured as a percentage of the vibration of the Galileo platform (at the feet) - in the case of the study these transmission coefficients where between very low 3.3% and 9% transmission coefficient. As training parameters quite intensive 25Hz and foot position 3 were used.

The result show that the variation of posture can decrease vibration transmission to the head by up to 65% - at the same time it showed that in all tested postures vibration transmission was very low. This study therefore documents one of the most basic effects during Galileo Training which anybody can test easily: The more straight the legs the more vibration is transmitted to the core and (especially with a tight back) also to the head - or to put it more practical: If there is too much vibration of the head, simply flex the legs a little more!

This study also shows that even very basic and easy to feel effects of Galileo Training have been documented by research. 

Common - Posture, Vibration Transmission   

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Topics: Muscle-Bone Relation, Training & Study Support, Training with Galileo®