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pQCT Bone Density & Bone Geometry – Product Comparison

You can compare up to 3 systems.

Product Comparison for pQCT Bone Density & Bone Geometry

 Product 1Product 2Product 3
To the overviewXCT 3000 Research  
Type numbers    
Dimensions (l/w/h)1280 x 740 x 910 mm    
Weight90 kg    
Numbers of detectors12    
CT Collimator0.7x4    
SV Collimator    
Angle between detectors   
Number of projections per block180    
Number of blocks1    
Spot size50 µ    
Filter105 µ Cu    
Source collimation0.5    
Slice thickness0.5–2 mm    
Measurement diameter 270 mm    
Voxel size0.2–1.0 mm    
HV58–62 kV    
Nom. HV60 kV    
Anode current< 550 µA    
Nom. current130 µA    
Gantry opening300 mm    
Max. way of travel400 mm    
Scan time90 s    
Radiation dose CT    
Radiation dose CV    
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