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Galileo® in back pain

Malposition and uniform stress often cause painful muscle spasm. Targeted therapy on Galileo strengthens weak structures, alleviates muscle spasm and permanently reduces back pain.

Why Galileo®?

Relaxation and strengthening.

Due to the side alternating movement of the Galileo system, the induced reflex contractions in the muscle are felt all the way up in the back. This side alternating movement is crucial because only this movement allows the muscles on each side to contract alternately. For patients with back pain it is this relaxation of (rigidity, stiffness or cramping) of the back muscles that is essential in alleviating pain.

Elasticity and flexibility.

Elasticity and flexibility are restored by Galileo Therapy. Posture is improved and rigidity due to pain or, as a result of a long strenuous day in the office is loosened.

Product overview and background information

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