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Galileo® Therapy in orthopaedic disorders

Orthopaedic diseases and injuries account for a large majority of patients in treatment facilities. In addition to back pain which is the most widespread disease, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries are further treatment areas.

Galileo Therapy can be used to prepare the patient for manual therapy as well as in combination to traditional manual therapy. 

Why Galileo®?

Numerous application areas.

For the treatment of back pain mobilisation, relaxation and invigoration exercises can be used on the Galileo. Injuries such as ligament damage can be treated in the after-care with the help of Galileo Therapy. Another application is the treatment of atrophy-related loss of muscle force and power. Even patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and stroke patients can benefit from Galileo Therapy.

Galileo® Therapy as a complementary module.

Galileo Therapy, used as a complementary form of therapy, can enhance existing therapy methods and can be integrated as a component in the therapeutic approach. The integrated Galileo Therapy can then potentiates the effects of existing therapy methods. Using Galileo in combination with pulleys or dumbbells has yielded results in practice. Even more effective can be the use of the Galileo Mano Med vibrating dumbbell. Because of increased circulation and improved metabolism, it is possible to accelerate the healing process under professional guidance and support of a therapist.

Product overview and background information

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