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Galileo® Therapy at Home for Disabled

Muscles and their function is essential for a healthy and efficient organism. This has been underlined by many publications of international research in the recent years. Functional and powerful muscles are essential for heathy joints and bones and is the goal of prevention and treatment of muscle and skeletal diseases. Galileo can make therapy more efficient. Due to its high repetition number it can help to learn or re-learn new functions, to stabilize them and to support the individual development. Galileo Therapy can be an applied easily, is a medical method proven by many international studies and can help physiotherapy and rehabilitation to become more effective.

Therapy for Disabled

Smal effort - effective benefits.

The possibility to use medical devices every day at home all by themselves is essential for many disabled and their families. Galileo Therapy integrated into every-day living can help the patient and can offer an effective treatment method. The Galileo device can be applied at home and noticeable and sustainable results can be achieved with short therapy units.

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