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Galileo®Therapy at Home for Kids

Muscles and their function are essential for childhood development and a healthy and efficient organism in general. This has been underlined by many international research publications. Functional and powerful muscles are essential for heathy joints and especially for bone geometry development during childhood. Therefore, muscle function is a key factor for development as well as for prevention and treatment of neuro-muscular and skeletal diseases.

Galileo can make the therapy much more efficient, also when used in combination with other therapy concepts. Due to its high repetition number it supports learning or re-learning of new functions, it helps to stabilize them and to promote the individual development. Galileo Therapy can be easyly applied at home and is a method proven by many international studies in various conditions in children.

Ideally Galileo Therapy works hand in hand with other therapy approaches, therefore we also offer training of the involved therapists, in case they do not already use Galileo systems.

Galileo® Therapy for kids.

Therapy for kids. Easy to apply.

Kids with physical or mental limitations need special attention and medical support. Galileo Therapy can support this process and can be applied by parents at home after they had an individual therapy by health professionals. Galileo Therapy can be applied easily and can offers a very high compliance due to its short and effective therapy time. Therefore it can also help to reduce the workload of relatives.

When can Galileo Therapy be used for kids?

  • Movement disorders due to early childhood brain disorders (CP) or due to genetic diseases and the resulting disorders like spasticity and contractures.
  • Behavioural abnormalities with a tendency of movement reluctance
  • Degenerative Muscle Disorders like Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA) or Dychenne Msucel Dytrophy (DMD)
  • Rheuma
  • Abnormal spine positions like Scoliosis and humpback
  • Brute bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta, OI)
  • Open Back (Spina Bifida)
  • Down Syndrome
  • Spasticity Management

Galileo® research.

Galileo has always been very close to international research and tries to push boundaries to provide even more sophisticated therapy concepts, allowing even better therapy outcomes. Since the invention of Galileo in 1996 there have been countless publications about its application.

To allow an easy access to the most important results we therefore created compact info-graphics giving easy access to galileo publications - the Galileo Research Fact Sheets (GRFS) with a special section for kids therapy.

If you prefer to dive into the original research articles, have a look at our (alomst) complete list of research publications using Galileo devices

Galileo® Therapy Goals.

Galileo offers a very wide range of training and therapy effects allowing to target very different aspects of diseases. Most important in this context is the used frequency ranges on for the individual exercise, since frequency is much less related to “intensity” but is most important for the goal to be achieved.

The following three frequency-ranges and there corresponding effects can be separated:

Low frequencies (5..10Hz)

voluntary muscle access, litle muscle activation (most challenging frequency range)

  • mobilization
  • balance
  • proprioception
  • central communication

Mid frequencies (12..20Hz)

reflex-based msucel activation, completion of whole contraction & relaxation cycle (easiest frequencya range)

  • muscle stretching (contractures)
  • coordination
  • spasticity management
  • body perception/awareness
  • muscle relaxation
  • pain reduction

High frequencies (25..33Hz)

reflex-based mscuel activation, exhaustion of muscle (most exhausting frequency range)

  • increase msucle power
  • fascial stretching
  • body perception/awareness
  • spasticity management 

Galileo® therapy concepts.

Ideally Galileo Therapy should be one component of an over-all therapy concept working hand-in-hand with other therapy methods and including involved physiotherapists.

To get optimal results a therapy/exercise plan specific for of the individual child and her/his current abilities needs to be defined. It is also important to adapt this plan on a regular basis according to the individual progress. For generating this therapy/training plan the current abilities are much more relevant than the main diagnosis or even GMFCS since they are not detailed enough. At Galileo we therefore always start with an individual training session for the parents and the most important part of this session is to see the child to get an impression of the locomotor abilities and the current status of neuro-muscular/locomotor development.

Therefore, whenever possible involved therapists should be included, and we also offer training sessions for these therapists, since best outcomes are only possible if Galileo Therapy and other therapy methods used work hand in hand. The primary goal of Galileo Therapy is progress and establishment of new function rather than working on individual symptoms only. And this needs a well-orchestrated over-all therapy concept including all other therapy approaches.

Galileo® – for the whole family.

But also think one step further – Galileo can be use-full for the for the whole family. Especially parents of children in need have a very high workload and with growing children also need to lift more and more heavy – this has an impact on the back, typically resulting in chronic back-pain. To decrease back-pain and to prevent its development Galileo is a verry effective and efficient tool – you only need a few minutes a day to feel significantly better and to be fit for the daily challenges again – so start thinking about Galileo as a tool for the whole family.


The Galileo® commitment.

Galileo was the first side-alternating vibration device an due to the history of the company as a medical device developer and manufacturer also became the pioneer in vibration therapy. The journey started in Geriatrics in the field of osteoporosis, but soon it turned out that Galileo was not only effective in the elderly but also in young OI (osteogenesis Imperfecta) patients helping them in their natural development.

For us it was always important to push the field froward, to work together with researchers, health care providers, therapists all over the world to further improve therapy concepts to allow even more effective therapy. As a consequence, there is a large number of international publications documenting Galileo Therapy effects also in children. This way, over the years more and more applications in children became obvious - nowadays countless neuro-muscular conditions can benefit from Galileo Therapy - and we do not stop to keep pushing, because there are still so many things to be learned.

One of the most prominent research projects is the Cologne Concept of the working group of Prof. Schoenau which is relying on Galileo Therapy devices for over 15 years now. The project is unique in terms of size (over 5000 children were able to use a Galileo device at home for 6 months periods) but also in terms of research output, with numerous high-quality publications showing Galileo Therapy effects in many different conditions. The project is most likely one of the or maybe even the most important reasons why Vibration Therapy nowadays is well accepted and established, and it is this research that made health providers world-wide confortable to use this unique technology.

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