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Fit aging

The human body needs pyhsical activity to stay healthy and fit. Galileo can relax the muscles of you back and shoulders, increase muscle power and therefore for example decrease fall-risk, improve balance and flexibility and, at the same time, is little demanding on your cardio-vascular system and on you joints. Galileo offers an outstanding combination of fitness and health.

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Why Galileo®?

Stay flexible with Galileo®.

The longer you stay physical active in your life the longer you stay mobile and self-supported. Galileo Training can help you keep or build-up you muscles and therefore has pisitive effects on your bones. A week balance often becomes obvious in aging with unstable gait, stumbling or even falls. The majority of fractures in arms, legs and the hip in the age population are caused by falls. But falls can be prevented by effective muscle training. The see-saw movement of Galileo platfrom mimicing human gait can therefore improve gait and balance effectively.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with Galileo®.

Millions of people show weak pelvic floor muscles. Loss of these muscles and the resulting restrictions are often associated with ageing. Galileo Training can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and can increases function and performance.

Relax with Galileo®.

The side-alternating movements of the Galiloe training platform  can cause muscle contraction and relaxation not only in the legs but also all the way up the trunk, also especially in the muscles of the lower back. Depending on the used frequencies on the Galileo your back can be relaxed or even strengthened. The ability to stretch, range of motion, flexibility and posture can be increased and the muscles of the back can be relaxed effectively. After an exhausting day your muscles can be relaxed by Galileo.

Feel the training effect.

Galileo training can increase blood-flow and stimulate the metabolism but at the same time it dows not bause a high stress for the cardio-vascular system and on the jolints - these are some of the reasons why Galileo Training can be used even in old age. Even after intense  training on the Galileo many users feel like "walking on clouds" and feel refreshed and full of energy.

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