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Fitness at home with Galileo®

The human body needs pyhsical activity to stay healthy and fit. Galileo can relax the muscles of you back and shoulder, keep or increase muscle power, improve balance and, at the same time, is little demaning on you joints. Galileo offers an outstanding combination of fitness and health. Simply put, Galileo Training can be great anti-aging training.

Galileo Training can be very time efficient and you can improve your health, fitness and your overall well being in the comfort of your home.

Why Galileo®?

Relax with Galileo®.

Due to the side alternating movement of the Galileo training platform, the induced reflex contractions in the muscle can be felt all the way up the back. Depending on the training frequency your back muscles can be relaxed or even strengthened. Elasticity, flexibility, range of motion and posture can be improved. After an exhausting day Galileo Training can relax and loosen-up your muscles especailly teh ones of your back.

Feel the training effect.

Galileo Training can stimulate blood circulation and the metabolism, yet it is very gentle on the cardiovascular system and the joints. Even after intense training on Galileo, many people feel lighter on their feet, refreshed and full of energy.

Fast improvements – short training times.

With Galileo, you can train power, strength, elasticity, speed and balance all at once. This means that functional muscle training can be achieved in a short time. Just two training sessions per week can be sufficient to achieve positive effects on your muscles and on your bones in the long term.

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